Being a Lawyer is Stressful

Being a lawyer is a stressful job or career choice. You went to school, got good grades, have passion, have logic and the ability to reason. You have heart, or had it, and can excel. You chose a high profile profession where you expect to get treated well, get paid well, or exceptionally well.

You might to call the stress surrounding it a trade off.

During  law school you worked hard and partied harder. By the time you were articling and working 80-100 hours per week you were subsisting off caffeine and sugar. By the time you got your first job, it’s more of the same but you take some for a bite of the sandwiches brought in by the clients, and then happy hour – liquid and snacks.  You work, work, play and then go back to work.

Do you take breaks every day?

Yes, being a lawyer is a stressful career choice, and not many people have sympathy.  Being a lawyer is both revered by the public but you do get hit by some heavy critics.

How do you unwind?

Lawyers are taught to be skeptical of all facts, to look at the worst in people and to find a guilty party.  As a lawyer you’re taught to separate yourself from others so you can get an objective viewpoint. The disparity is that you are among the human race, like everyone else, and need a break.

How do you get a break without giving up the whole profession?

These are the things I am going to help you on this site. I will provide you with resources to de-stress, product reviews,