My name is Millie Lytle. I am a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist and hypnotherapist based in NYC. I have my masters in public health as well, which means I am trained to work with groups as well as the individual.  I have a naturally calming presence that many people comment on when they meet me. My voice is also soothing and enjoyable to listen to (no, I am not a singer :).  I have spent a lot of time on the radio and public speaking.
Looking back to my favorite clients, many have been lawyers. Lawyers make a huge impact in the way our society runs. I feel that happy lawyers will create a better world. So this site, as well as other offerings I have, will engage people in the legal profession, who are dedicated to being healthier, despite their very stressful career choice.
I will also add that I provide corporate stress-relief service to firms and organizations dedicated to helping their staff cope with stress. I will come in and lead a workshop to see if our styles match so please reach out to me at info@lowstresslaw.com.
My tools include nutrition, naturopathic medicine, mindful meditation, hypnosis (individual and group), Reiki and HeartMath – digital meditation training.  I have presented for several top tier organizations in NYC, such as Human Rights Watch, CUNY, PepsiCo, and UN Delegates for the Commission of Women.
 Effectively coping with stress reduces chronic disease later on. Lawyers who manage stress also feel better, sleep better and are healthier  overall. What I know is that we all, including attorneys, can do better work and have a better work-life balance when we manage stress effectively, so this site is dedicated to you for this reason.
I offer a free hypnosis on Sunday evenings called Happy Hour Hypnosis: Click HERE to preregister for HAPPY HOUR HYPNOSIS.
Please feel free to leave me comments if you want a resource or stress relief technique reviewed. I am here to help you be the most relaxed lawyer you can be! This is your zen corner at work!